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ROOT CANAL TREATMENT (Endodontic therapy)

Endodontic therapy

The root canal

Inside each tooth, there is a pair of root canals and these canals contain nerves, connective tissue, and blood vessels. The blood vessels are responsible for nourishing your tooth, keeping it healthy. The nerve sends messages to your brain when it encounters different sensations such as cold, heat, and pain.

When your tooth becomes infected and you start getting a tooth ache, this is a sign that the infection has reached the nerve. At this point, depending on the amount of decay that has occurred to your tooth, it may be necessary to perform a root canal treatment in order to save it.

Endodontic therapy

The process of cleaning out these canals is referred to as endodontic therapy. Generally, it is always better to save the tooth through this procedure rather than to simply have the teeth pulled. Pulling the tooth out may lead to other complications and issues later on in your life.

In Endodontic therapy, the tooth canals are cleaned out and then filled so that bacteria cannot reform inside them. Because the absence of blood coming into the tooth causes the tooth to weaken, we protect the remaining portion of the tooth with a porcelain crown.

The latest technology

While many people view having a root canal as a dreaded experience, here at our clinic we use the latest technology and products to make your endodontic therapy as relaxing as possible. This ensures that the dentist can perform the procedure with minimal discomfort to you and in a relatively short time.

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