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Our Services

Dentistry for Children and Adolescents Children and adolescents
It is very important to stress good hygiene habits from an early age. We use an easygoing non confrontational approach to treating kids. This is why parents entrust us with treating their children. Toys and videos are available for children.

Dental Checkup for Seniors Seniors
Keeping one’s teeth and smile in good condition is important at any age. It defines the quality of life. One is never too old for comfort and confidence!
Full and partial dentures services are available for those with full or partial tooth loss.


Emergency Dental Surgery Services

We answer all your dental needs!

We strive to accommodate all dental emergencies the same day !
For after hours and weekend emergency services we offer assistance.
You only need to call our office after hours and you will be directed to an emergency service.

Dental Consultaion at Oshawa, Ontario

During the initial consultation appointment, Dr. Ki will thoroughly study the patients’ medical and dental history and overall concerns will be discussed. The exact treatment plan and fees however can only be established after a comprehensive examination and review of current X-rays.

Gum disease treatment (Periodontal therapy) at Oshawa, Ontario

Gum disease treatment (Periodontal therapy) 
We accentuate the non-surgical phase of periodontal therapy and work together with the patients in a team approach to bring them back to good health.

At the first appointment the hygienist will map the gums and together with the dentist will prescribe a scheduled therapy. In most instances a later surgery is avoided.

Root canal treatment (Endodontic therapy) near Oshawa, Ontario

Root canal treatment (Endodontic therapy)
This often feared procedure saves infected teeth from extraction. We have state of the art technology and knowledge to accomplish the procedure in minimum time and with minimal discomfort.

Extractions of teeth including wisdom teeth
We do our very best to save as many teeth as possible. However there are circumstances when an extraction is the only choice or is the preferred treatment. All options and alternatives for replacing the missing tooth(teeth) will be presented to the patient before proceeding with this treatment.

Restoration of decayed, chipped, fractured  teeth.
The treatment includes fillings and crowns(caps).This office only uses tooth colored materials for restoring damaged teeth. Completely nonmetallic crowns are available.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment or inquire about our dental services.